Free The Soil: Protest

We liberate the soil by giving it a voice. We celebrate this through action, workshops, food, music, dance, and networking
Date & Time
July 1, 2023 15:00
July 1, 2023 19:00

Free The Soil: Protest

We liberate the soil by giving it a voice. We celebrate this through action, workshops, food, music, dance, and networking

Free The Soil: Protest

1 Jul
1 Jul
1 Jul

Dear friends of Grounded,

We have big news for you! In an action to protect the Lutkemeerpolder from a gigantic distribution centre, that is planned to be built on this land in Amsterdam, we are organizing a protest, and manifestation, coupled with a 4-Day camping experience, filled with workshops, diverse music, delicious food, and lovely people from our community. We want to give voice to the soil. Let's see, hear, and feel how our lives are determined by the way we treat the soil. Let's demonstrate our impatience with the slowness of change. Let's resonate with urgency through action, workshops, food, music, dance, and networking.

Lutkemeer belongs to us! Feel welcome to be part of something that must remain ours. Celebrate with us the love for the land and those who take care of it, humans and non-humans alike.

The area is already home to a diverse range of Community Supported Agriculture initiatives. They have generously invited us to camp there because they believe it will help showcase the importance of the land and allow it to flourish or create value for people and nature. Moreover, it will demonstrate that young people are actively standing up for this cause in a positive, constructive, and inclusive manner.


14:00  Start: Mars van Mijn Stadstuin naar Lutkemeer
14:30  Talks
14:30  Jeffrey Spangenberg Free the Soil, a matter of justice
14:40  Dan Kittredge Bionutrient Institute
14:50  Chris Trump educator for regenerative agriculture
15:00  Natasha Hulst Lutkemeer Common
15:10  Human Art: ontketenen van de bodem door een groeps V te vormen wat staat voor Voedsel, Vrede Veiligheid
16:00  Grounding sessions: boomgaard Boterbloem
16:00  Worshop with Lutkemeer clay
16:00  Hands-on urban farming at Pluk, de Stadsgroenteboer and de Boterbloem
16:00  Potluck_emeer; food sharing
18:00  Music
19:00  End

16:00 Screening docu “Meer” only with reservation.
17:15 Soil dinner only with reservation

Let’s get mobile and be part of a change! 

Sunny greets,

The Grounded Crew

Free The Soil: Protest

We liberate the soil by giving it a voice. We celebrate this through action, workshops, food, music, dance, and networking
Date & Time
Jul 1, 2023 15:00
Jul 1, 2023 19:00
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All you need to know

Venue address & traveling

The Grounded Summer Camp will take place at ‘De Sport Camping Amsterdam’, Tom Schreursweg 14, 1067 MC Amsterdam. You can reach the campsite in the following ways: 

By shuttle bus
We organized a bus shuttle between Utrecht and the Summer Camp, leaving for Amsterdam on Thursday at 12:00 or Friday at 16:00, and back to Utrecht on Sunday at 14:00. If you haven’t done so yet, you can still book your shuttle ticket here

The busses going to the SummerCamp will depart from Fort Lunet 1, Utrecht.

By public transport
You can also reach the venue by public transport within approx. 30 minutes from Amsterdam Sloterdijk. Take bus 61 in the direction of Osdorpplein Noord and step out at Amsterdam Aalbersestraat. From here, it’s a 10-minute walk to the campsite. 

By car
If you decide to come by car, please carpool as much as possible. You can reach out to find/offer a ride in our Grounded Summer Camp Telegram group. For the parking lot, navigate to: The Sport Camping Amsterdam

Venue info

The campsite offers enough space for all of our tents and is equipped with toilets, showers and sinks. If you are planning to come with your camper van, please let us know via email upfront. We will have our own, dedicated Grounded space at the campsite, but please be aware and mindful that there will be other campers on the terrain as well. Our workshops will take place at the Workshop Gardens which is a 10-minute walk away from the campsite. For an overview of the venue, see here.

Arrival & check-in

You are welcome at the campsite on Thursday, June 29th as of 13:00. Between 13:00-18:00, there will be a welcome desk where we will register you and share more details about the campsite and the program. If you are planning to arrive at a later point in time, please come find a Grounded crew member upon your arrival so we can still register you. 

What to bring

Make sure you bring:

- cash! (for the food & drinks)
- tent, sleeping bag & mat
- water bottle
- drinks & snacks
- plate, bowl, cup & cutlery
- torch or headlamp
- towels
- sunscreen & hat
- umbrella and/or rain jacket set of dry clothes
- any instruments or games you want to bring and share


This summer camp will be partially co-created! Besides co-creation being something we believe in and that you are always encouraged to do your own things (respecting grounded principles and values), there will be two moments during the trip in which we will facilitate co-creation. To start getting some interest, we've created two forms where you can express your interest

- Thursday open mic. Sign up here if there's any performing arts that you'd be willing to share with us during our open mic on thursday evening (or if you can bring an instrument so that we know what instruments are there!).
- Open-space: Sign up here if there's any session you would like to host during our open-space session on Saturday 11.00-13.00:

What to do

Participate & contribute 
This is a participatory event. Therefore, we invite all of you to contribute to creating a truly wholesome experience for everyone: bring your instruments, hoola-hoops, dj-sets, or tasty meals to share with others. This also means that we are all responsible together for taking on small volunteer tasks, doing our own dishes, and keeping & leaving everything tidy and clean. Thank you for carrying your fair share to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone! 

Leave a donation
At Grounded, we aim to make our events as accessible as possible for everyone. We all know food is a basic necessity. Yet we did not include the costs for food production in our ticket prices, because we want everyone, regardless of their financial status, to be able to join us and celebrate the beautiful soil of Lutkemeer. If you have the financial means, we kindly ask you to make a donation to support our food production this weekend. At every meal, a Grounded crew member will be present to collect your donations. Thank you! Your donation helps Grounded to continue doing what we do best: regenerate & celebrate.

Join the Grounded Summer Camp Telegram group 
Add yourself to the Grounded Summer Camp Telegram group for last minute updates and to exchange pictures & videos, share a ride or ask questions (that are not yet answered in this message 😉).


We’ve hired neighborhood chefs with a passion for food from various cultures to provide you with a culinary experience you will not forget. We are working with organizations such as Kolenkit Koks and De Sering and independent local chefs who will provide food and drinks on a donation base. 
Kolenkit Koks helps women in Amsterdam West become professional catering chefs, while De Sering uses their volunteer-run kitchen to provide affordable meals and a platform vouching for more public space in Amsterdam. We want to support these organizations and talented individuals in growing their catering businesses, and would like to therefore ask you not to shy away from spending a coin or two for their efforts. At every meal, a Grounded crew member will be present to collect your donations. A good rule of thumb for our costs for each meal is: 

Breakfast: 4€ per person
Lunch: 9,50€ per person
Dinner: 11,50 € per person 

Besides that, you are welcome to bring your own drinks and food to the camp.

Confidential contact persons

At Grounded, we commit to creating a space in which everyone feels welcome and comfortable. That’s why we have an Awareness team, and a dedicated confidential Awareness contact person, available at any time during this event. Know that we are there for you and that you can always reach out to us if you need help or feel unsafe! You can contact us:

- by directly approaching our Awareness volunteers in the pink safety vests or any member of the Awareness team,
- by reaching out to the Awareness coordinator via phone at any time: +31645180215, or
- through our anonymous Awareness complaints box, in case you don’t want to share your identity: Grounded Awareness Box

Together, we will do our best to find solutions and provide everyone a safer space. 

Other questions?

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