We are a little different...

You are invited to Grounded Festival 2023, the 3rd edition of our yearly magical gathering at Fort bij het Hemeltje. The Grounded Festival and the collective behind it, sprouted from the dream to provide a sustainable and community-run festival experience that distances itself from conventional mainstream festivals. This is embodied in all elements throughout the festival ranging from the exhibited art, served food, and musical program. Come and immerse yourself in bouncing beats, eye-opening workshops, and vegetarian deliciousness.


At Grounded, we strive to contribute to a better and more just society. We acknowledge that we live in a world in which inequality and discriminatory and violent behavior are deeply rooted - and our community is not exempt from these dynamics. That is why, at Grounded, we have an Awareness Circle in place, and we commit to creating a safer and more welcoming and comfortable space for everyone. Our Awareness Circle has made it its goal to facilitate collective reflection and dialogue, and to challenge social structures of dominance and oppression by sharing information, promoting desirable behavior, and providing support.

At all our parties, we work with an Awareness concept to help affected persons, and throughout the year, we host different Awareness events and workshops - for instance on privilege, consent or (eco)feminism - to facilitate awareness and empathy. The highlight is our annual International Women’s Day event where we celebrate and give the center stage to FLINTAs (Female, Lesbian, Intersex, Non-binary, Agender, and other marginalized gender identities and sexualities) and their stories and contributions.


Fort bij't Hemeltje

As every year, the festival is organized at a truly enchanting location: Fort 't Hemeltje. On the west of the Fort, you can see agricultural landscapes. On the east side you can see Utrecht city. This location shows you how urban life is truly embedded within the natural environment. It is a social and biodiverse spot, providing you with an environment to reconnect.  As the Fort has always stood to protect the fertile grounds behind, so will we use it again.

Everything you need to know

Where is Grounded Festival?
Grounded Festival is located on Fort T’ Hemeltje, Fortweg 9, 3992 LX, Houten
Are there car parking spots available?
There is no car parking for visitors. If you require parking because of a disability please contact us via we will reserve a spot for you.
Can I volunteer at Grounded Festival?
Yes! You can apply via the form here and we will be in touch with you shortly.
What if I experience or witness sexism, racism, violence or any other situation that makes me or others feel uncomfortable or unsafe?
If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, or if you witness someone else feeling uncomfortable or unsafe, for whatever reason, approach an awareness volunteer wearing a pink safety vest. You can find them at the awareness point in the workshop area; after 22.00 they will be walking around the festival grounds. The awareness team will listen to you and guide you to the safe space. If necessary and wanted, they can remove a person that makes you or others feel unsafe from the festival grounds. If there is no awareness person present, approach the bar staff or a crew member. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help!

I’m in a wheelchair. Will my companion be able to join me for free?
Yes, your companion enters for free (upon showing your certificate of disability).
Are there solidarity tickets available again this year?
Yes. If you due to your financial situation can not afford festival ticket, you can apply for a solidarity ticket. Please send us an e-mail explaining your situation to and we will be in touch with you.
I’m in a wheelchair. Will the entire festival grounds be accessible?
Many parts of the terrain are wheelchair friendly, especially around the main stage; some parts are however somewhat more difficult to access due to the nature of the terrain. You can bring a companion (free entrance) to help you get around. There are wheelchair accessible toilets on location.
How do I get to the festival?
By bike
We’d like our visitors to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We recommend and prefer that you take the bicycle to our beautiful terrain at Fort ‘t Hemeltje. In case you don’t have a bike in Utrecht you can rent an OV bike at Utrecht central station.

By public transport
You can take several busses from Utrecht Central Station and other spots in the city. Bus numbers that will go Fort ‘t Hemeltje from Central Station are 47 and 8. When travelling via Houten, you can also take bus 48. You can also take the Sprinter from Utrecht CS to Lunetten. From here it is a pleasant 30min walk to the Fort.

By car
We’d prefer you take the bicycle or public transport. However we recognize that this is not possible for everyone. For this reason, there are 20 parking spots for those who need it. If you require parking because of a disability please contact us via, we will reserve a spot for you.
How late can you enter and at what time does the festival end?
The festival will start at 12.00 PM and will end at 00.00 AM. The whole festival will be open during the day.
Can you take pictures on the Festival grounds?
You can take all the pictures you want, but keep in mind that not everyone in your pictures might agree with that. Always check if it’s ok.
Will there be lockers?
There won't be any lockers on the terrain. Keep this in mind when you pack your stuff for the festival.
Lost & Found?
Ask for the lost & found at the backstage entrance. Our crew will go and check for you.
Can you swim in the water?
It is not allowed to swim in the water.
Can I take drugs at the festival?
Hard drugs are forbidden by Dutch law. If you do decide to take them, do so responsibly and look out for yourself and your friends. In case you take too much, approach an awareness volunteer wearing a pink safety vest. You can find them at the awareness point in the workshop area; after 22.00 they will be walking around the festival grounds. The awareness team will listen to you and guide you to the psycare tent, where you can relax until you feel better.
Are there still tickets for sale?

Do you want to get involved?

Do you want to get involved with Grounded and help us make the festival happen next year? You can apply as a festival volunteer to become part of the team and earn a free festival ticket! We need help in our deco team, the build-up, the build-down, and of course during the festival. There are also some positions open in our organizational team. Feel free to reach out to us.
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