Michiel Korthals

Michiel Korthals is an influential professor, philosopher, and writer who has dedicated his career to exploring the ethical and philosophical dimensions of life sciences, nature conservation, biotech and food. Michiel has an incredible academic track record and currently, he serves as a Professor of Philosophy of Food at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy. He is also actively involved in environmental conservation efforts. He has served as the chairman of the Foundation for the Restoration of European Ecosystems (FREE), which focuses on promoting natural grazing for nature conservation. Additionally, he is a valuable figure in the Slow Food movement, holding chairmanships at Slow Food Gooi Eem and Vecht, as well as the Slow Food Africa 10,000 Gardens project. Join us to delve into Korthals' insightful perspective on the philosophy of food and agriculture. Some notable books he has written include 'Goed eten: Filosofie van voeding en landbouw' (2018) and 'Eetbare Natuur: De essentie van landbouw en voeding' (2021). Don't miss this opportunity to engage with one of the leading voices in applied philosophy and sustainable food systems.

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