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Grounded is a volunteer-run collective with a focus on sustainability and social awareness embracing the alternative and non-commercial scene of Utrecht and its surroundings. We organize parties all year long, a big festival once a year, and regular meet-ups to inspire and create alternative and sustainable ways of living modern life.


Grounded connects people to celebrate a tangible sustainable culture. We are a diversely skilled community, driven by the common goal of regenerating our social and ecological system. Grounded is a community that stimulates connection, competence and autonomy by giving people the opportunity to create value-based initiatives. At Grounded, we engage people with culture and empower them to co-create projects surrounding food, education and art.

Collectively taking things into own hands to inspire people for regenerative culture!

The story of Grounded

An overview on where we came from and where we are now.

Once upon a time, in the early wintery months of 2019, a group of passionate young individuals came together, united by a burning question: "How can we make a difference in this ever-changing world?" Frustrated with the state of affairs, they yearned to take matters into their own hands and create a positive impact. With a simple yet powerful idea in mind, they sought to connect with like-minded souls, start small, and inspire others to join their cause.

Grounded Festival 2019

What began as a modest gathering soon blossomed into something extraordinary—an awe-inspiring festival known as Grounded Festival 2019. The road to its realization was paved with challenges and uncertainties, for none of them were experts in organizing such an event. But against all odds, they persevered, pouring their hearts and souls into its creation.

To their amazement, the first festival attracted 600 eager visitors, marking the birth of the Grounded Collective. Their goal of inspiring more people to embrace their vision had been achieved. The journey was far from over, however, as they grappled with questions of organization and growth. Countless meetings were held, values were aligned, and ideas were shared in the cozy confines of shared houses.

Eventually, the Grounded Collective took a momentous step forward by renting their first office space—an antikraak in Kanaleneiland. This space became more than just a physical location; it became a sanctuary where ideas could flourish, and dreams could take root. Plans were made, ambitions were nurtured, and a vision for a bigger and better festival experience began to materialize.

2020: A time of adaptation

However, fate had a different plan in store. The year 2020 arrived, and with it came the unforeseen challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The festival had to be canceled, leaving the Grounded Collective searching for alternative outlets to channel their energy. In this time of uncertainty, they birthed the "Radio for the Regenerative Generation" project—a series of captivating live video sets that brought the spirit of the festival into people's homes.

New projects on new grounds

Amidst the chaos, new projects emerged like sprouting seeds in fertile soil. Gardening, yoga, workshops, and awareness initiatives took shape, as the collective embraced their newfound adaptability. They introduced a circle organization, allowing individuals to focus on projects that resonated with their passions. The celebration of International Women's Day became a poignant expression of their commitment to raising awareness and empowering women.

Through their tireless efforts, the Grounded Collective continued to inspire and attract more like-minded souls. With each new project and piece of content, their community grew stronger, eagerly anticipating the day they could once again weave their magic at Grounded Festival 2021.

The festival that never happened

Also, 2021 proved to be a year of great uncertainty. Lockdowns were lifted, only to be reintroduced, and the ever-changing landscape of restrictions played havoc with event planning. Yet, hope flickered as the Grounded Collective received permission to hold the festival after two long years of silence. They had restructured their organization, fortified by the support of hundreds of inspired individuals within their network.

Taking no chances, they implemented extensive testing protocols during the festival's build-up, going above and beyond to ensure everyone's safety. Spirits were high, laughter filled the air, and people from all corners of Europe united to create an unforgettable experience. But just as the gates were about to open, a sudden press conference shattered their dreams. The festival was canceled, leaving behind tears of disappointment and waves of frustration.

We realized that the true essence of Grounded Festival resided in the connections we formed and the memories we made. It was a spirit that could not be canceled. Despite the challenges we faced, we persevered, driven by our passion and determination.

Grounded Festival 2022

And so, we moved forward, undeterred. The year 2022 brought renewed hope and fresh opportunities. We celebrated another successful edition of International Women's Day, an event that showcased our commitment to empowering women. Some individuals embarked on new adventures, while new faces joined our ranks.

It was a time for us to shine—to unleash the full force of our collective power and create memories that would leave an indelible mark on the world. Over 1000 people embraced the spirit of community participation and non-profit values, experiencing an incredible festival outside the realm of commercialism.

The success of Grounded Festival 2022 propelled us to dream even bigger. We became better organized, growing steadily alongside the ideas and aspirations of our community. Together, we knew that we could continue making a difference, fueled by the belief that a motivated group of volunteers could create something extraordinary.

As we reflect on our journey, we are reminded that setbacks do not define us. We have weathered storms, faced disappointments, and overcome immense challenges. Our resilience and unwavering spirit continue to guide us as we forge ahead, ready to create an even brighter future for Grounded Festival and the impactful community it has inspired.

Our Circles

We openly invite anyone to join our collective and be part of our journey. Whether you want to just help out sporadically, start your own initiatives, or be part of a specific circle - just shoot us a message.

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