Margot Blomme

Hi! I’m Margot. Project assistant and facilitator for a makerspace by day, yoga teacher by night 🦹🏼‍♀️ 🌱Whether it be through creativity and storytelling our through teaching yoga, my mission is to facilitate connection (with ourselves, our bodies, each other, the natural world…) With my practice I hope to offer people a moment of peace which replenishes their energy to show up for and take care of others & themselves. ❤️‍🩹 In a themed yoga session of about an hour we’ll be releasing emotions through some hip openers before finding our power again and opening our hearts. You can bring your own yoga mat if you like, but really all you need to practice yoga is yourself and clothes that allow you to move freely. I offer variations for postures so everyone can join in where they’re at, but feel free to come and talk to me before we start should you have any specific injuries or other needs that I should be mindful of.

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