The Clothing Swap Party

14 Jul
14 Jul
14 Jul

Come and join us on Sunday the 14th of July and swap your old clothes for new ones. Please also bring your own old clothing to contribute to the swapping, but take as much as you want!!

🎵 Program
NOT to the shop but:

🗓️ 🕖 Date & Time
Sunday 14 July our doors will open at 14:00 till 19:00

🥘🥤 Food & drinks
Bring you’re own! There is enough space to make you’re own picknick place at the ford we will provide some tea, coffee and cold drinks for a small contribution to support the fort

🧵 🪡 Upcycle and repair
There is space for fixing and upcycle you’re clothes

🎥 Documentaire film
In de fort you can watch a documentary about the hidden burden of our textile system

🗺️ Location
This event will take place at our Fort in Utrecht: Lunet I, 3585 LD Utrecht

💸 Admission
Entrance is free for everyone, but we would greatly appreciate your support in the form of a donation. Grounded is a 100% volunteer-run collective and with your support, we will be able to continue giving people the opportunity to create and contribute to value-based initiatives that celebrate a tangible, sustainable culture - like this event. So if you like what we do, please come visit us at the entrance where you can leave your donation 🙏


The Clothing Swap Party

Come and join us for swapping clothes, music, workshops & art
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Date & Time
Jul 14, 2024 14:00
Jul 14, 2024 19:00
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