Tasting Change

23 Nov
23 Nov
23 Nov

Join us for an evening that promises to tickle your taste buds, stimulate your ideas, and inspire change. Get ready to embark on a culinary journey as we explore our visions for a food system that respects its origins and celebrates sustainability.

What can you expect?

Come to taste and connect with us! Enjoy a refreshing drink, savor a cozy meal, and treat yourself to something sweet while we chat about Local2Local, Grounded, and Groentetas, and their ideas. Share your own ideas and connect with fellow students and colleagues to brainstorm ways to make our food system more local and regenerative.

About us:

Grounded is a diversely skilled community that co-creates and celebrates a regenerative culture through events, festivals and projects around food, education and art. Grounded aims to inspire positive change and empower people to become active themselves to make our living environment more fair, fun and green or better in whatever way!


Groentetas is a non-profit organization run by sustainable-thinking and vegetable-loving students that was founded in 1994. Every week, we are happy to sell groentetassen (bags full of local veggies) to anyone who has ordered from us in advance. With this project, Groentetas tries to stimulate sustainable consumption on campus and throughout Utrecht.


Local2Local is a short food supply chain company that works with farmer collectives in Utrecht and 6 other regions and believes that involving students and the next generation is key for the transition to a regional and regenerative food system. L2L has collaborated with universities and student communities for many years, for positive social and ecological impact.


Tasting Change

Which ingredients do we need for a just food system on campus?
€ 12,50 (incl. Food & Drinks)
Date & Time
Nov 23, 2023 17:30
Nov 23, 2023 20:00
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