1 Hour Rave: Vindya

9 Jul
9 Jul
9 Jul

This month we are welcoming the London-based Vindya. As a researcher of percussive ritual music from both Sinhalese and Tamil traditions in Sri Lanka, it comes as no surprise that as an electronic artist, Vindya identifies with the vastly repetitive, rhythm-focussed and hypnotic techno sound. Prior to carving out a name for herself across London and Manchester's techno parties, Vindya trained as a classical composer, a practice she continues to nurture as a means of expressing her Sinhalse-Tamil identity. Her early years as an electronic artist have led her to fill iconic dancefloors across the continent, including FOLD, Printworks, SET, The DBA, Fuchs and Harry Klein, with many of her mixes paying homage to her Dutch-born roots.

Our monthly 1 hour rave is not only a fun way to get some Tuesday night exercise in. It is also a statement for that fact this music not only something we listen to while high in a club but also something that brings us together in a holistic way. You are invited to open yourself and move freely without the use of harder substances for an intense 1 hour experience. We rotate between various non-commercial high energy styles played by original passionate artists.

Grounded is a decentral volunteer run collective that focusses on social awareness and ecology. To help us stay afloat you will be asked if you’d like to donate a small amount. We strive towards creating a safe space where everyone can feel comfortable and free. We do not condone any form of harassment or discrimination.


1 Hour Rave: Vindya

Enjoy your Tuesday evening with a short, loud & sweet dance.
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Jul 9, 2024 20:00
Jul 9, 2024 21:00
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